About Us

By 2030, we will have to feed 10 Billion people, while facing severe problems like climate change, resource crunch and immunity & lifestyle diseases. Democratising access to health-sustaining plant-only food is the best way to go. With so little time at our disposal, an intuitive and collaborative approach to transformation is needed. But the global food industry is not designed to look for nimble and innovative solutions. The Live Green Company is.


About Us

The Live Green Co is a Foodtech company, with the vision of accelerating the world's transition to healthy and sustainable food using proprietary technology. We are doing it by building powerful databases based on the world’s ancestral wisdoms of plant nutrition, and blending it with the latest biotechnology and machine learning... to unearth new and exciting links between plants their uses.


Our Technology


What if we could build a unique technology platform that stored all the plant wisdoms we could find, from everywhere in the world, and create a database of plant-only alternatives to all the animal, synthetic and ultra-processed additives the industry currently uses. 




The Charaka 6C mark is an assurance to consumers around the world that wherever they are and whatever they are eating, all additives will have been replaced by natural plant ingredients that conform closely to our 6 principles:
  • Clean Making the health of our consumers paramount
  • Climate Positive Keeping the planet at the core of all our decision making process
  • Circular Creating the minimal amount of waste or pollution
  • Community-driven Producing near to where it is consumed, local
  • Certified Adhering to a managed global standard
  • Conscious Adapting and reinventing to use locally available resources

 Our Brands

Thanks to Charaka technology, The Live Green Co has joined forces with Gibit and Aztlan, both 360º green brands, to develop and produce 100% Clean Label, Functional and sustainable products. We want to be the forerunners of the plant revolution 2.0, going from “Plant Based” to “Plant Only”.

We are stronger together!